Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School


What is the role of the Governors?

Governors have a strategic remit which means that they are not involved in the everyday running of the school. Their role is to: 

  • Ensure clarity of catholic vision, ethos and strategic direction; 
  • Hold the appropriate senior leadership within the school to account for the educational performance and catholic character of the school and its pupils; and for the internal organisation, management and control of the school, including performance management of staff; and;
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent. 


How often do Governors meet?

Governors meet every half term.


Can I see a copy of the meeting minutes?

Copies of the minutes of Governing Board meetings are available on request from the school office. 


How do I raise a question or issue relating to the school?

Any concerns should be raised, in the first instance, with either your child's class teacher or the Headteacher. If the concerns are about the Headteacher, these should be raised with the Chair of Governors.  Please refer to our complaints policy for further guidance - Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School - Policies


How do I contact Governors?  

For any enquiries, questions and messages for the attention of the Governing Board, please contact us via the school office:

London Road, Barkston Ash, Nr Tadcaster, North Yorkshire LS24 9PS

01937 557373

Please ensure that your correspondence is clearly marked for the attention of the Governor with whom you wish to make contact. Thank you.

Academy Conversion Consultation Documents

 20230922_Bishop's vision for Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Leeds.pdfDownload
 20231201_BACPS_FINAL_FAQs_Catholic Multi Academy Trusts_v2.docxDownload
 Academy conversion consultation letter to parents.pdfDownload
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Statutory Financial Information Sharing

The number of school employees who have a gross salary of £100k or more is 0 (zero).


A link to our Schools Financial Benchmarking:

Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School - Schools Financial Benchmarking - GOV.UK (


 Governor Vacancies

We are currently seeking nominations for the post of parent governor which will become vacant in November 2023. If you are the parent of a child currently on role at our school and are interested in applying for this vacancy, please see the information in the letter below for details of how to nominate.

Parent Governor Vacancy November 2023 - How to Nominate

London Road, Barkston Ash, Nr Tadcaster, North Yorkshire LS24 9PS

01937 557373

Mrs Ward: