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History Leader Mrs Noble

Intent, Implementation and Impact

Curriculum Intent - Our aim and vision for children at Barkston Ash is… 
That all children develop their understanding of the past, ways in which life used to be different, how civilisations have developed, expanded and collapsed, when some key changes have happened, and different ways in which they can learn about the past. We want our students to develop a curiosity for the past, to develop questions about it and to be able to research the answers to their own questions.

Key Stage One focusses on recent history, developing children’s understanding of the fact that things used to be different, using aspects of life they are familiar which, such as school, toys and transport. As the children progress through Key Stage Two, the curriculum is arranged around the development of British history to help cement their understanding of the British history timeline as well as the development of British history, with ancient civilisations being explored further in upper Key Stage Two.  

The school follows a two-year rotating long-term plan for history that each class follows. This has been carefully designed to ensure that all children, no matter which mixed-age classes they are in, will have covered all the requirements of the national curriculum. 

History is taught in an engaging way to develop children’s curiosity about the past using a skills-based curriculum. Each class has one history topic per term which have been arranged to ensure all key areas of the curriculum are covered and key skills are developed so that as children progress through the subject, they can apply what they have learned from one topic in another, such as different ways to find out about the past, enquiry and research skills and a developing understanding of chronology and timeframes. In our school, history is taught as a discreet subject but is often linked to other areas of the curriculum such as geography, art, DT and literacy. Occasional theme-days are also used to supplement the history topics such as WW1 or WW2 days, and open afternoons. Interactive and engaging activities are used where possible to further develop the children’s interest and learning such as visits from the Fire Brigade when learning about the Great Fire of London, investigating stone-age poo or exploring ‘tombs’. 

This approach results in an engaging and high-quality education that gives children the skills and knowledge to investigate and understand various different aspects of British history and ancient civilisations and their impact on the wider world. Teachers have worked hard to ensure there is a mix of teacher-led and child-led learning through high-quality teaching and the use of research. Children enjoy their history work and lesson observations have shown high-quality teaching across the school.

The children’s attainment in history is assessed using a skills-based assessment grid using key skills identified in the national curriculum, which develops and expands in range and depth through the children’s schooling.  

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