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RE Poetry

In RE, we often reflect upon our learning, and express our reflections in a variety of ways. One of the ways in which we do this is through poetry. Here are some of the poems we have written in Class 5.

Mary's Loss

Jesus Appears After His Resurrection

The Last Supper

Stations of the Cross - 11 - Jesus is nailed to the cross

Design & Technology: World Foods
Traditional Chinese New Year Dumplings...with a Twist

Having tasted some traditional Chinese New Year dumplings and considered the flavours and ingredients, we designed our own recipes, making sure we included the key elements of protein, vegetables and spices. Each group had a unique recipe. We then made our dumplings and evaluated them. Overall, a fantastic, and very tasty, DT project.

The Passover

Before learning about Jesus, the Bread of Life in RE, we explored its origins in the Passover and the Last Supper. In order to really experience it, we held a Passover meal and watched an extract from Prince of Egypt. We tasted the bitter herbs, learned about the sacrificial lamb, and even searched the room for the hidden Matzah cracker.

Tropical World Science Trip

To further enrich our knowledge and understanding of evolution and adaptation, which we have been studying in biology, we went on a trip to Tropical World where we considered the adaptations of the animals we saw, and then took part in a learning session. Here is a PowerPoint of our trip.

Class 5 Tropical World Trip November 2022


At the start of the year, we learned about Leonardo Da Vinci and some his best-known works. We know that he studied anatomy and used mathematics in his artwork, so we learned about the proportions of the human face and used this knowledge to create our own masterpieces!

Barkston Times - Issue 5

In English, we have learned how to write newspaper articles, focussing on order of importance rather than chronology, only using opinions when we ascribe them to someone else, and keeping a formal tone unless in a quote. Then, we published our own newspaper, which we are selling to raise money for charity. This has given us a real purpose for our writing as well as helping others.


The Tomb of Lady Fu Hao

In history, we have been learning about the Shang Dynasty, and one day, after searching in the ruins of Anyang in the school hall, we discovered a lost tomb in our classroom. Inside were many artefacts that we used to learn about the occupant of the tomb: the Lady Fu Hao, a warrior, priest and rich wife of the emperor.

Life Cycle of Flowering Plants

A practical session helped us to better understand the life-cycle of flowering plants, the names of the parts of plants used in reproduction, and set the stage for our own self-planned science experiments on seeds or green plants.


Properties of 2D Shapes

During our work on 2D shapes, we used practical equipment to consider their properties and to sort them according to a range of criteria.


Please click on the link to view the Leavers' Video:
Leavers Video 2022

Flamingo Land

Having donated money from their Apprentice Challenge proceeds to support various charities and local community, as well as a child in Togo, Class 5 had some money left over to pay for a trip to Flamingo Land as a reward for their hard work. Here are the photos!

Flaming Land Class 5 Trip 2022

Seven Sacraments Stained-Glass Windows

In RE, we have been learning more about the sacraments, particularly confirmation, Holy Orders and marriage. We then created stained-glass windows to represent them.

Biscuit Week

As part of our DT work, we investigated a number of different biscuits: appearance, smell, taste, texture, packaging and cost per biscuit. We then designed our own biscuits. Having refined our ideas following feedback from Class 3, we baked our biscuits and then Class 3 kindly tasted them for us and placed 'orders'. After multiplying the 'profit' per batch of biscuits against the number of 'orders' received, we declared 'Biccies' the winner of the Class 5 Biscuit Week Challenge!


SATs Week

Our Year 6s have worked really hard during SATs week and have enjoyed their SATs breakfast, team quizzes and football. They have put in a lot of work to get to this point and, whilst we still have a lot of work to do before the end of the school year, they can be proud of their achievements this year and throughout their time in primary school. 

As part of our 'outdoor and adventurous' PE work, our year 5s and 6s enjoyed an amazing time at  Robinwood. Here is the photo experience on Powerpoint (other slideshow products are available).

Robinwood 2022

Landscape Artwork

  In art, we evaluated the work of Oenone Hammersley, which linked to our topic work: The Rainforests. Then, we learned how to use watercolours and created our own animal pictures. After this, we reviewed some paintings by artist David Hockney and compared them to our landscape paintings. Having considered his bold use of line and colour, we reworked our landscapes in a Hockney style. 

Chocolate Day!

Following on from our work on the Maya, who used to drink a form of hot chocolate, we had a Chocolate Day where we learned about where chocolate comes from, how it is turned into the chocolate bars we know, and then we had a go at making our own chocolates.

Passover Meal

As part of our work on other faiths (Judaism), we held a Passover meal so that we could understand the symbolism and the importance of it in the Jewish tradition. This also helps to build on our upcoming work on the Last Supper and the Mass as it helps to deepen our understanding of the origin of these events.


Using the work of pop artist Andy Warhol, we created our own pop art portraits. Here are some examples:

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