Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School

Learning Challenges

Spring Term challenges


  1. Visit Towton Battlefield and post a photograph onto our Google Classroom page.  10 points. 
  2. Create a sundial and post a photograph onto our Google Classroom page if we have any sun!.  There is a downloadable file on our Google Classroom  to help you. 10 points.
  3. Read Acts 2:1-41 and discus how you could write a newspaper article about the events you have read about.  Make a list of the the events to help you write your article at school.  10 points
  4. Using some ice cubes from your freezer time how long it takes for them to change their state and become a liquid.  Can you work with an adult and change the liquid state into a gaseous state.  How long did it take for the water to become steam? Take photographs and add them to Google Classroom.  10 points

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