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'Reading is a passport to countless adventures'.

Unsure what to read next? Unsure what to borrow from the library? Have a look at the exciting reads recommended for three year groups; there is something for everyone at a level for everyone!

100 exciting reads for Y2

100 exciting reads for Y3

100 exciting reads for Y4

Class 3 Reading Spine

Reading Spine link

Here is a link to the core texts that will be used within lessons and during our allocated reading time at the end of the day.

Reading at home

I would strongly encourage children to read at least three times a week. At least one of these should be out loud. I know parents are sometimes unsure of what questions to ask their child when they have read so I have uploaded some examples of questions from KS1 and LKS2 I might ask in guided reading and comprehension lessons and could be asked at home.

Y2 reading questions

LKS2 reading questions

Our exciting class read.

We have read a number of longer picture-books in the first few weeks of this half term including a text 'An Ordinary School Day', a text of a Japanese boy trying to find the sound of 'silence' in the bustling megacity of Tokyo. This book was created by Japanese author and illustrator Satoshi Kitamura. Our main text, 'Stone Age Boy' is also written and illustrated by Satoshi, where he details the adventures of a boy who stumbles into a world that existed 20,000 years ago; The Stone Age. This delightful text details the story of survival that Stone Age peoples would have endeavoured through with only basic, primitive tools created from wood, stone and bone.


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