Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School


Prayer forms an integral part of our life at Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School. We regularly meet together as a whole-school and have regular prayers that we say during the day in class.  In addition to this, children learn new prayers linked to their RE lessons and Sacramental Preparation sessions. These are set out in our school prayer policy.

As well as learning prayers linked to their faith for particular purposes and seasons, the children also have regular opportunities to develop their own personal prayer life through quiet reflection and meditation.

Using our prayer garden, the children have regular circle time prayer sessions where they share their prayer intentions, pray communally and have moments of individual prayer and reflection.


Nurturing the prayer life of the children in our school forms part of our school’s aims, and enables our pupils to:

- develop their individual relationship with God;

- know that they are loved by God.


The prayer book below sets out some of the prayers that we use in school.


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