Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School

Mini Vinnies


Mini-Vinnies are a group who turn concern into action. They see who needs help, think how they can help and go into action to help others.

Our Mini-Vinnie committee members are invited to become a member of the St Vincent de Paul society for life. This includes being a Mini-Vinnie throughout their time at Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School.  Being a Mini-Vinnie is a big commitment; there is a  recruitment process annually in school.  The Mini-Vinnies meet regularly and discuss ways in which they can help and serve others. 


Our caring Mini Vinnies are:

Class 3: Seren, Jemima, Lola, Peggy, Lucas, Daniel, Toby, Ted
Class 4: Francesca, Morgan, Daiya, Matthew, Tai, Lacey, Chloe, Dom, Noah, Isla, Gracie
Class 5: Maximus, Eva F, James B, Georgie, Molly, Kitty.


The Mini-Vinnie Pledge

As a member of Mini-Vinnies, I promise to make a difference in the world by: 

  • Caring for, respecting and loving myself; 
  • Strengthening my friendship with Jesus by talking to Him each day and talking to others about Him; 
  • Caring for others in my school and community by being a friend to those who are alone, in need or in trouble; 
  • Making my family happy by my help, respect and showing kindness and consideration; 
  • Caring for and enjoying God’s world; 
  • Treating others the way I would like them to treat me. 

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