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As governors at Barkston Ash, we meet regularly as a Full Governing Body and in smaller committee groups (‘Resources’ and ‘Standards and Effectiveness’).  We jointly strategically manage the school but belong to responsibility groups to ensure we understand the school as clearly and deeply as possible, as follows:
Achievement of pupils at the school                                      Including Safeguarding
Quality of teaching in the school                                            
Behaviour and safety of pupils at the school                          Including Health and Safety SEN
Quality of leadership in, and management of, the school  

Foundation Governors:
Mr E Noblett (Chair of Governors)
Fr. M. McCarthy (Parish Priest)
Mrs S Adams
Mrs E Lowe
Mr M Brennan 
Mr M Wilson
Mrs Y Luke (Vice-chair of Governors)

Staff Governors:
Mr C Power
Mrs S Poulter

Parent Governors:
Mr J Ronicle
Mrs G Duncan

LA Governor

Clerk to the Governors:
Mrs J Blake

All correspondence to the Governing Body should be addressed to: Clerk to the Governors, Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School, London Road, Barkston Ash, Tadcaster. LS24 9PS

Georgina Duncan

Category of Governor: Parent
Appointed By: The governing body of Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School.
Term of Office: 3 years

I am delighted to be a parent governor at Barkston Ash School. I want to be able to support its continual development as a school and how it contributes to the wider community. I am passionate about supporting children to achieve their own potential. My role as governor provides me with the opportunity to do this.

I am a nurse, with a wide ranging clinical and leadership background. I use these skills in addition to my commitment, motivation and objectivity in my role as a governor. In addition to my professional nursing qualifications, I am educated at Masters Level and have post graduate certificates in Quality Improvement. I teach on pre and post graduate nursing courses at Universities in Leeds.

I’m a keen and enthusiastic (but not very fast!) runner who is regularly seen pounding the streets of Barkston Ash and the surrounding areas. I have a fabulous allotment, which provides my family with and array of delicious fruit and vegetables all year round.

I believe I have personal and professional attributes that enable me to be a committed, friendly and enthusiastic member of the governing body.

James Ronicle

Category of Governor: Parent
Appointed by: The governing body of Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School
Term of office: Three years

I have two children (Holly, 7 and Noah, 5),my daughter is currently in Year 2 at Barkston Ash School and Noah is in Reception. I recently became a parent governor as I have been really impressed with the schools’ ethos and standards and wanted to help uphold and promote these.

Over the last 8 years I have worked as a social researcher, reviewing the effectiveness and impact of education policies and services for central government, local authorities, schools and charities. I believe the skills I have developed through this work will help me in my role of school governor - I understand how schools and local authorities operate, I understand ‘what works’ in terms of school performance and I have the skills to critically assess the effectiveness, impact and value for money of school policies.

In my spare time you will usually find me in a coffee shop, at the poker table or with two children around my legs!

Elizabeth Lowe

Category of Governor: Foundation Governor
Appointed by: The Diocese
Term of Office: 4 Years

I have 38 years teaching experience in Adult, Primary and Secondary Education, the bulk of this being in the 7-11 age group as a KS 2 co-ordinator with responsibility for Science.

Since retiring, I have enjoyed spending more time doing the things I love; singing with Tadcaster Chorale, beekeeping, canoeing, socialising and being a grandmother. I assist our Parish priest with preparing the First Communion Group and have been active in local politics and various voluntary activities, including telephone advising for a Domestic Violence charity. I am passionate about Green issues and Renewable Energy.

Although I was reluctant to become a school governor after such a long career in teaching, I genuinely feel that many people have something to offer to this important role. We all gather insight, experience and sensitivities which can contribute to sound School Governance and a happy and stimulating school environment for our young people.

Michael Brennan

Category of Governor: Foundation
Appointed by: Diocese
Term of office: 4 years

Along with Liz Lowe my focus area is Teaching and Learning at Barkston. This involves seeing the impact of teaching strategies and resources and understanding the needs of pupils and teachers. We try to understand how the school is raising achievement and promotes spiritual development for every child.
I’ve been a governor for about 9 years and whilst I was once the Chair of Governors, I’m very privileged now to contribute as a ‘non-parent’ after my three children have all left Barkston with many happy memoires. Whilst the best governors are often parents, it’s sometimes useful to have a viewpoint not affected directly by our decisions.

I used to be Head of Mathematics at various Secondary Schools and currently support teachers with their professional development across the country. This gives me a good understanding of education and I hope provides some useful input.
I’m involved in the Junior Football Club at Ulleskelf. I also play the odd round of golf at Scarthingwell to help remind me why teaching and not sport was a sensible career choice.

Matt Wilson

Category of Governor: Foundation
Appointed by: The Diocese
Term of office: Four years
Chair of Resource and Finance Committee

My eldest child is in Year 3 (Class 3) and my middle child is in Year 1 (Class 2), my youngest child is in his last year at Barkston Ash Playschool.

Both my parents and my Aunty and Uncle were all Primary school teachers (3 of them were headteachers), this gives me a unique insight into the management of schools and what it takes to support the school head teacher, class teachers and support staff. Teaching was not my career path but when my eldest child was of school age it was time for me to offer my services to support the teaching staff of our school.

I am a qualified chartered accountant with work experience in accountancy practice and private industry in both the UK and Australia. My working environment gives me experience in finance, budgets, communications and business strategy, both at the "coal face" and at "board room" level - both environments can be likened to the playground environment.

Mr Power

Category of Governor: Headteacher
Appointed by: Automatic appointment as Headteacher
Term of Office: N/A

I am now in my fourth year as headteacher at Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School and am very proud of all the achievements that we have made during this period. The governing body have played an important role in helping to drive the school forward. They offer an excellent balance of support and challenge to hold my work to account and ensure that we continue to meet the aims and values of our school. As headteacher, I am automatically appointed as a governor and serve on all committees.

Away from school, I enjoy keeping fit by playing various sports, notably football for Wetherby FC. I am also a big fan of Liverpool FC so enjoy watching them whenever I can. My other interests include music and theology.

Sophie Adams

Category of Governor: Parent
Appointed by: Governing body of Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School
Term of office: Four years
Committees I serve on: Resource and Finance Committee, Behaviour and Safety Sub-Committee
Positions of Responsibility: Health and Safety, SEND

hen my daughter started at Barkston Ash in 2012, I knew I wanted the opportunity to be a part of the school in the most effective and pro-active way. I was thrilled to be appointed as Parent Governor the following year. Throughout this short time, I have seen a wealth of positive changes and I continue to be proud to be involved in the decision making, alongside experienced teachers and governors. My roles of responsibility as a governor include SEN Governor, whereby I help to raise awareness of SEND at governing body meetings and ensure the highest quality of SEND provision within school. I am a trained primary school teacher, having previously spent three year working in an early years’ unit before moving onto private tutoring. Most recently, after two years of self-employed freedom, I have embarked on the new challenge of secondary teaching as a Teacher of English. It’s far from all work and no play! I love a catch up with friends, to unwind with a classic film or book and most of all, to explore and have fun with my two beautiful children and husband.

Yvonne Luke

Category of Governor: Foundation Governor
Appointed By: The Diocese
Term of office: Four years
Committees I serve on: Resource and Finance Committee, Admissions, Performance Management, Appeals and The Leadership and Management Sub-Committee.
Positions of Responsibility: Vice Chair of the Governing Body

My oldest child started Barkston Ash seven years ago, and I still have another three until my youngest will be getting ready to leave (with my middle one nicely slotted between them). When you know you'll be standing at the school gate for more than a decade, relying on hard-working and brilliant teachers to not only help your children learn, but to keep them happy and safe too, it seems only right I give something back.

I am a trained journalist with experience of national newspapers and magazines, and I am now also course leader for the magazine journalism at The University of Sheffield. This means I have experience of communications, the education sector, and managing significant budgets as well as large teams. I am currently studying for my MEd in Learning and Teaching, and when in dire need, I can break out my old football referee qualification to settle a dispute on the footie pitch.

I've was the Helping Hands PTA Chair until 2014 and a parent governor for the last three years. I am now a foundation governor and look forward to helping our amazing head, Mr Power, in not only maintaining our incredibly high standards, but surpassing them in the near future.